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Our Vision 


PEEL Strategy & Development* specializes in B2B business development and growth strategy. We are actively helping our clients on the Canadian, North American and European markets with their strategic positioning and their income and market shares growth. We create long-lasting business solutions in marketing, communication and business development.


For some years now, our clients have found value in our strategic and commercial know-how and acumen, our tailor-made approach built on business channels that lead to relevant and tangible opportunities, and our diligent follow-up methodology that turns a business contact into a medium and long term evolving project.

Our team harbours a spirit of real partnership that translates into:  


*a dynamic mutual assistance between employees,

*a close attentiveness to the clients’ needs,

*a thorough knowledge of their products and services,

*diligent weekly follow-ups,

*a creativity alert to the needs of the moment,

*a knowledge of the international scene

*an unwavering dedication.



PEEL Strategy & Development will help you keep moving in the right direction, one big step at a time…


* PEEL is an ancient word for “Elephant”, an animal celebrated for its wisdom, its intelligence, its memory, its might, its benevolence and its caring disposition. All these qualities are shared by our team of experts.

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