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We propel your performance forward through our creativity and innovative technologies



Peel Solutions & Technology brings life to your various innovative projects thanks to our expertise and strategic integration of innovative solutions and systems depending on your objectives.



Are you looking for innovative technological solutions for your projects?



The professional team at PEEL Solutions and Technologies is watchfull of any movement and change in various  business channels in many fields in order to maintain momentum in our global network. An open minded and curious attitude allows us to identify innovative solutions and technologies in various spheres to address your needs or stimulate new opportunities.


We hunt out business solutions with discernment and rigor to help you achieve your objectives. A dedicated, attentive and efficient team will allow you to forge ahead towards complete success


Peel Solutions and Technologies has the capacity to fulfill your needs and help you excel in your technological evolution.


We invite you to discover our various solutions; we welcome questions, benefit from our expertise.






We identify, select and represent technological solutions that differentiate themselves through their innovation on an internation scale.


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The long term success of a company depends also, and above all, on a team willing to achieve its leader’s vision.


PEEL Strategy & Development’s team is made up of meticulous and unselfish professionals from various backgrounds, which allows for a stimulating dynamic and a true cohesion propitious to the open-mindedness and proactivity required to bring any business endeavour to fruition. 


Every team member, be it a specialized or a versatile employee, commits himself with unfailing conviction and acumen so that we can go further together.



We help worlwide and local brands succeed by becoming an extention to their teams



African countries stand a good chance at COP21 of getting their ideas across, while there will also be a better opportunity to access climate finance.


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